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Concone Solfeggi for Tuba PDF DOWNLOAD

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Presenting the comprehensive collection of Concone’s vocal studies, specially transcribed for tuba, this 144-page book is an essential resource for tubists. The songs are thoughtfully arranged in comfortable keys for CC or BBb tubas, while also proving suitable for F and Eb tubas. They encompass the lower range of these instruments without venturing excessively low.


Comparable to the famous Bordogni legato études, Concone’s studies offer a distinct advantage of shorter duration. Most études in this volume span just one page, allowing for quicker mastery compared to the lengthier Bordogni studies.


In order to cultivate the tubist’s ability to phrase and interpret music with precision, dynamics are intentionally omitted from the book. This encourages tubists to infuse their own interpretation into the music, staying true to the original style in which it was composed.


Concone Complete Solfeggi is a valuable resource suitable for tubists of all levels and instruments in any key. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this collection serves as a versatile tool to refine your musicality and technical proficiency.