Daily Routine - "The Bell Scales"

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William Bell’s Daily Routine for Tuba (also known as “The Bell Scales”) is presented in its original format with a four-stave system for tubas in BBb, CC, Eb & F.


This book was edited by Abe Torchinsky (1920–2009). Mr. Torchinsky was a student of William Bell.


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    Highly Recommended

    Posted by Jack Robinson, tubist, trombonist bass singer, Professor Emeritus Univ. of N. Col. on 14th Oct 2012

    Having studied the William Bell Scale Routine as a tuba student of Mr. Bell, I am glad to see a clean and accurate publication of this material by Encore Music Publishers. The value of this publication will be enhanced when the player keeps the following goals in mind: I. Breath Control Breath control is achieved through playing the two octave scales; including major, minor, and chromatic, in one breath. if you can't do it, you are playing too loud. Play the two octave arpeggios in one breath as well. II. Loud Playing The exception to the above one-breath rule is the ascending part of the chromatic scale in key number one. Play these notes very loud with a slight fermata and a sniff breath between. As Mr. Bell would say, "Let me hear you crack one!" Keys number three, five, and seven follow this same pattern. III. Embouchure Efficiency The embouchure becomes more relaxed and efficient through a commitment to longer phrases. IV. Range On CC tuba one covers the range from Gb below the bass clef to F above the staff, on BBb tuba from E below the bass clef to Eb above the staff, and on F tuba from B below the bass clef to Bb above the staff. If we add notes in our practice that take the player down to the fundamental of the instrument, we have covered the range needs for most days. V. Strength Playing high builds strength. Playing loud builds strength. Stay relaxed in your playing and don't apply unneeded strength that gets in your way.